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Aqua Planet

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  • Hanwha Aqua Planet 63
  • Hanwha Marine Biology Research Center
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HomenformationExplore aqua planet

Explore aqua planet

Welcome to aqua planet 63aqua planet 63

The Floor Space Information

GF Information on Floor Plans
GF Floor Plans also GF Floor Plans also
1 aqua planet Valley

aqua planet Valley is home to an intriguing variety of sea creatures
in the valley and under the waterfalls.

2 Otter Planet

Come meet 4 members of an otter family from Otter Planet, the first village in aqua planet 63.

3 aqua planet Garden

Come learn about mysterious marine life and aquatic plants from the Amazon!

4 Golden Miracle Zone

Uncover your moment with the mesmerizing jellyfish habitats in the Golden Miracle Zone. Experience unforgettable moments with the vibrant colors of a coral reef!
Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the wonder of a 3-minute golden miracle!

B2F Information on Floor Plans
B2F Floor Plans also B2F Floor Plans also
1 Penguin Planet

Get closer to flying penguins and discover the secrets they keep close in the armband. Join us for a secret hunt at Penguin Planet.

2 Fantastic Mermaid

Exciting festivals all year round! If you’re lucky, you may run into a mermaid making a short visit from a planet called Under the Sea and have fun together!

3 Coral Planet

Experience the dazzling, mysterious rainbow of colors at the coral reef on Coral Planet.

4 True Seal Planet

Meet with a couple of true seals at aqua planet who have now lived for 100 years. Share the thrill of making eye Getting Here with these amazing creatures!

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