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About Hanwha Hotels & Resorts


About Hanwha Hotels & Resorts

Quickly responding to the ever-changing leisure industry, Hanwha Hotels &Resorts make full use of a future-oriented perspective and business acumen to diversify and explore new areas, helping to create a strong culture of leisure and recreation in Korea. In this way, we seek to strengthen our position as Korea’s largest leisure company, industry leaders in both quality and quantity.

Selected as the winner of the “Management Grand Awards” by Korea Management Association Consulting from 2003 through 2006, we were also the grand winner of all resort companies in 2007. In addition, we were ranked 1st in the K-BPI (Korean company brand power) of all resort hotels for 5 consecutive years (2005 – 2009).
Moreover, Hanwha Hotels & Resorts has been internationally recognized for its excellence, ranking 1st in the 2007 GBCI (Global Brand Competency Index) for 4 years in a row.

Building upon our independent technological competitiveness, know-how, and our committed people over the last 27 years, as well as our strong financial standing, we continue to work hard to create a world-class aquarium that will advertise the beauty of Korea’s landscape and nature to the world. As such, aqua planet 63 has been built purely on our independent technology, clearly attesting to our vision of bringing our natural marine beauty to not only the Korean people, but all across the world.
Using the competitive skills we’ve gained, Hanwha Hotels & Resorts is committed to doing its utmost towards satisfying the needs of our customers with unrivaled service.


In 1979, Hanwha Hotels & Resorts became the first Korean company to construct a resort hotel, and since then, has run the largest number of directly-operated resort hotel chain and golf clubs and a variety of quality food services.
As the Plaza Hotel and food & beverage sector of the 63 City became part of Hanwha Resorts in 2009, we are now seeking to become the top premium complex leisure/service company in Korea.

Hanwha Hotels &Resorts Timetable
Resorts 12 directly-operated resort hotels, 4,674 hotel chains, a total of 4,875 rooms combining 59 rooms at Ocean Palace Resort (Japan) (Seorak, Yangpyeong, Sanjeong Lake, Daecheon, Sooanbo, Baekam Spring, yeongju, Jiri Mountain, Haeundae, Ilsan, Phoenix Park, Ocean Palace Resort)
Hotels 410 rooms at the Plaza Hotel, 261 rooms at Saipan World Resort
Golf Clubs 3 membership golf courses nationwide (99 holes) and 1 public course
(9 holes), 1 club in Nagasaki, Japan (18 holes type- Full membership : Plaza Country Club Yongin (38 holes),
Plaza Country Club Seorak (18 holes), Golden Bay Golf Club (27 holes), Jade Palace Golf Club (18 holes)
Japan : Ocean Palace Golf Club (18 holes)
Public : Plaza Country Club Ilsan (9 holes)
Theme Parks Seorak Waterpia, Gyeongju Spring Dome water parks, Seorak Cinerama Film Lot, Jeju Therapy Center, etc.
aqua planet Ilsan/Yeosu/Jeju, 63 Sea World, IMAX, Exhibitions,
Food Services Approx. 200 stores nationwide
Food &
Restaurants and banquet halls in 63 Buildings,
Approx. 20 casual restaurants nationwide, including T-won and Deli Café
Other Food supply and logistics
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