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Aqua Planet

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About the Gallery

Welcome to Aqua Planet! Enjoy an underground tour and jungle excursion in the city!

Floor space information

  • Click any floor below for more information.
  • 3 floor : The Aqua(Touch Pool/Ocean Arena/Penguin, Otter, Beaver Zones/Freshwater Zone/Freshwater Tunnel), The Jungle(Paradise/Jaguar/Parrot Village)
  • 2 floor : The Aqua(Deep-sea Fish/Sand Tiger Shark/Jelly Fish/Deep Blue Ocean), The Jungle(Paradise/Capybara/Ring-tailed Lemur)
  • 1 floor : Convenience Store, Food Court

3F. The Third Floor (Exhibition Hall, Additional Facilities, Amenities)

Parrot Village Jaguar Freshwater Tunnel Penguin, Otter, Beaver Zones Touch Pool Penguin Village Ocean Arena

Exhibition Hall

  • Parrot touching <Parrot Village>
    Connect with hundreds of birds
    Charismatic Jaguar from South Africa
    Beauty in a tiger-skin pattern
  • <Freshwater Tunnel> An attraction different from the sea
    A different world of life in fresh water.
    <Penguins> Gentlemen of the sea
    We’re from Africa, not the South Pole!
  • <Otter> Useful hands
    Otters use their hands to eat. Come see!
    <Beaver> The best home builder
    Let’s watch kings of house building at work.
  • Experience the <Touch Pool>
    Hands-on experience with living things
    Penguin's Playground <Penguin’s Village>
    Play with the penguins!
  • Live Ecology Session <Ocean Arena>
    Fun stories of animals with aquarists, sea elephants, and harbor seals


  • Toilet
    Toilet for the Physically Handicapped
  • Nursing Room

2F.The Second Floor (Exhibition Hall, Additional Facilities, Amenities)

Sand Tiger Shark Tunnel Water Tank Deep Blue Ocean Jellyfish Paradise Ring-tailed Lemur

Exhibition Hall

  • Jaws and the <Sand Tiger Shark> are cousins
    A banquet with a sand tiger shark and colorful fish
    Under the Sea~♬ <Tunnel Water Tank>
    Inside a sea world!
  • Giant Sea World <Deep Blue Ocean> (Main water tank)
    View a lifelike mysterious ocean ecosystem through a large 11m x 6m observatory window
    Dreamlike <Jellyfish>
    The flying wanderer of the sea
  • <Paradise> of colorful birds
    The law of the jungle in the center of the city
    <Ring-tailed Lemur> from Madagascar
    Energetic dancing like in the animation film

Additional Facilities

  • Click, Click <Photo Zone>
    Fun pictures with marine life
    <Beans n Berries> A café in the ocean
    Special coffee with the sea as backdrop
  • Take the memories with you at <Gift Shop>
    Find the souvenir you’ve been looking for


  • Toilet
    Toilet for the Physically Handicapped
  • Nursing Room

1F.The First Floor (Additional Facilities, Amenities)


  • Tasteful Enjoyment <Food Court>
    Like strolling by the ocean, enjoy five different taste picnics at the Aqua Terrace.
    <Information Desk>
    Tours, strollers, wheelchair rental, etc.
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