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Education Programs

Educational programs offered at Aqua Planet Jeju

A beautiful star of the sea, Aqua Planet Jeju

Learn about the behaviors and characteristics of animals in an interesting presentation on ecology provided by professional aquarists.

Ecology of the Flying Penguin

Even though penguins have wings, are they still birds? Come to Aqua Planet Jeju for a story about penguins that will answer that ages old question, and also see the Flying Penguin in person.

  • Time : 2:50 PM, 4:40 PM
  • Where : Penguin Planet
Ecology of the Flying Penguin

Ecology of the Dancing Sea lion

Sea lions are slow outside of water because of their huge size. Once in the water, however, they’ll surprise you by showing off their excellent swimming skills. Come to Aqua Planet Jeju and meet the flexible dancing sea lion!

  • Time : 10:30 AM, 4:00 PM
  • Where : Harbor Planet
Ecology of the Dancing Seal

Ecology of the Running Otter

Otters with small claws are very inquisitive. They are explorers who enjoy exploring caves and small passages. Come to Aqua Planet Jeju and meet the Running Otter.

  • Time : 10:50 AM, 4:10 PM
  • Where : Aqua Safari
Ecology of the Running Otter

Jeju Traditional 'Haenyeo Diving Demonstration'

The birthplace of Haenyeo is thought to be Jeju Island. Haenyeo is a specialty of the sea of Jeju. They work under the sea at a depth of 5m for around 30 seconds. They can even stand for two minutes or longer under water at a depth of 20m Time necessary. Demonstrating the strength and tenacity of the women on Jeju Island, the Haenyeo diving performance is a special attraction that can only be experienced at Aqua Planet.

  • Time : 10:40 AM, 12:40 PM, 2:10 PM, 4:10 PM
  • Where : Ocean of Jeju(main tank)
Jeju Traditional 'Haenyeo Diving Demonstration'