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Hanwha Hotel & Resort is constantly striving to become a company dedicated to our customers by providing the best services.

Welcome. I am Won-gi Hong, the CEO of Hanwha Hotel & Resort. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all of you who have visited Aqua Planet, a beautiful star of the sea.

Taking the first step into the leisure industry by building Korea’s first condominium in 1973, Hanwha Hotel & Resort is now operating the largest number of condominiums and golf courses and is also offering a wide range of food services to our customers. With the addition of the Plaza Hotel and 63 City F&D/ culture section in 2009, Hanwha Hotel & Resort is dreaming of taking off as Korea’s best company, offering premium services to our customers.
By further improving on the expertise built over the last 27 years since 63 Sea World, Korea’s first aquarium, we began spreading marine culture into this country since July 1985. Hanwha Hotel & Resort is pursuing a full range of projects from planning, design to construction, as well as operation and supply of organisms with only domestically developed technologies.

Based on these competencies, Hanwha Hotel & Resort greets our customers in 2012 as a designer and an operator of “Aqua Planet Jeju,” the largest aquarium in Asia, and “Aqua Planet Yeosu,” an eco-friendly aquarium. We are achieving great progress in preserving our ecosystem and protecting species diversity by establishing the Hanwha Marine Biology Research Center to create an aquarium that is not simply a public attraction, but also a space that publicizes and promotes premium marine culture. As a result, Hanwha Hotel & Resort obtained certification from the World Association of Zoos and Aquaria and was selected as an organization for biological preservation outside habitats.
In the days ahead, Hanwha Hotel & Resort will continue the world to “Aqua Planet”, a composite cultural space focusing on the concepts of the nature, culture, and experience that’s more than merely an aquarium. We would like to share the glorious light of marine culture from <Aqua Planet>, a beautiful star of the sea that embraces the vast ocean. I hope you will fully enjoy unforgettable fun and happy memories at Aqua Planet.
Thank you.