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Mission/ Value


Aqua Planet Yeosu shares the value of preserving marine life and provides the greatest pleasure attainable through the coexistence of humans and nature.


The mission of Aqua Planet is to publicize the proposition of “preservation of ecosystem” and to spread the “values of marine culture” by showing the public diverse facets of marine ecosystem that are not readily accessible in everyday life.
We will do our utmost so that Aqua Planet Yeosu will provide the greatest satisfaction to our customers. At Aqua Planet Yeosu, experience the wonders of all the world’s seas and also feel the necessity for the preservation of all life.

  • Green Aquarium Green Aquarium suggests the necessity to preserve marine resources and the diversity of beautiful marine culture.
  • Eco-friendly Aquarium The life support system necessary in maintaining the lives of organisms is run by photovoltaic power generation.
  • Space of Research Preserving rare species and protecting marine ecosystem

<Aqua Planet Yeosu> will publicize the values of marine culture and the necessity to preserve marine ecosystem with domestic technologies and will fulfill our corporate social responsibility.