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Open Hours/ Admission

Aqua Planet Yeosu open hours and admission information

Open Hours

Operating Hours table
Aqua Planet 10:00 – 19:00 (open all year round)
  • Please note that admittance is until one hour before closing time. A tour of Aqua Planet Yeosu takes approximately two hours.

Admission (Individual)

Usage fee table
item Adult Youths/ Elders
14 – 19 years old /
65 years or older
38 months – 13 years old
Individual Group Individual Group Individual Group
Aquarium+AR trick eye Museum+5D KRW 34,000 KRW 28,000 KRW 31,000 KRW 26,000 KRW 28,000 KRW 24,000
Aquarium+AR trick eye Museum KRW 29,500 KRW 25,000 KRW 26,500 KRW 23,000 KRW 23,500 KRW 21,000
Aquarium+5D KRW 26,000 KRW 22,000 KRW 24,500 KRW 20,000 KRW 22,000 KRW 18,000
Aquarium KRW 23,000 KRW 20,000 KRW 21,000 KRW 18,000 KRW 19,000 KRW 16,000
AR trick eye Museum KRW 12,000 KRW 10,000 KRW 11,000 KRW 8,000 KRW 10,000 KRW 6,000
5D Theater KRW 7,000 KRW 6,000 KRW 6,000 KRW 5,000 KRW 5,000 KRW 4,000
  • Group admission is applied to groups of 20 people or more. Contact Kwon An-Sik (+82-61-660-1102) and Wi Jung-Je (+82-61-660-1106) of the Sales Team for inquiries.
  • Admission is free for children aged younger than 36 months. Documents to verify age, such as medical insurance card, are required.
  • Please note that free admission of children aged younger than 36 months is not applied to groups, and a child fee is applied.
  • Citizens of Yeosu are offered a 20% discount. ID card for verification is required.
  • Student card is required for teenagers (limited to individual admission).
  • Senior discount card or identification card is required for seniors (65 years of age or older and limited to individual admission).
  • Certificate of registration for the disabled or welfare card for the disabled is required for a discount to the disabled (group admission fee applied and limited to individual admission).