Aquaplanet Yeosu spreads the values of
maritime culture and highlights the

importance of protecting the natural


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aquaplanet Yeosu

The largest aquarium in Asia, aquaplanet, is a beautiful star of the sea.

Aquaplanet began its journey by envisioning a space where nature and humans could peacefully dwell together. This dream led to the creation of aquaplanet—the largest premium maritime theme park in Asia.

aquaplanet Front View

Aquaplanet Yeosu

will publicize the values of marine culture and the necessity to preserve marine ecosystem with domestic technologies and will fulfill our corporate social responsibility.


aquaplanet yeosu BI

The shape and color of the BI cannot be changed and must be used in accordance with all regulations.

The brand “signature” refers to the coupling of the symbol and logo in accordance with all designated standards in the optimized ratio. Use the appropriate signature in consideration of the layout of the applied space and applied media and follow the designated principles regarding the coupling method.

Basic left-right combination

aquaplanet yeosu 로고 좌우조합형 기본형

Basic top-bottom combination

aquaplanet yeosu 로고 상하조합형 기본형

Minimum use regulation

aquaplanet yeosu 로고 최소 사용규정

Mission & Values

aquaplanet Yeosu

purposes to share the value of marine animal conservation and to provide visitors with fun and enjoyable experiences

that emphasize the coexistence of humans and nature.


aquaplanet shares various shapes and forms of the marine ecosystem that people cannot easily access in their daily lives in order to share the "value of maritime culture”and to increase public awareness of“ecosystem conservation.”

aquaplanet Yeosu strives to pay back customers for their kindness by continuously providing fresh and touching programs. Visit“aquaplanet Yeosu”to experience the magnificent ocean and to learn more about the importance of conservation!

  • Green Aquarium

    Green Aquarium suggests the necessity to preserve marine resources and the diversity of beautiful marine culture.

  • Eco-friendly Aquarium

    The life support system necessary in maintaining the lives of organisms is run by photovoltaic power generation.

  • Space of Research

    Preserving rare species and protecting marine ecosystem

Environment Management

What is Environment Management?

Environment management refers to the introduction of the environment as a core concept into existing management. It is a management philosophy in which environment management becomes the principle of corporate management and environmentally healthy and sustainable development is promoted while minimizing the negative effects of corporate activity on the environment.

Environment management principles at the aquaplanet Yeosu Environment management agreements
Environment management principles at the aquaplanet Yeosu Environment management agreements
  • Effectively use resources and energy
  • Make safety/sanitary principles a way of life and use protective gear
  • Consistently improve ESH work environment and performance management
  • Reinforce ESH training
  • Minimize pollution and make the 3Rs (reuse, reduce and recycle) a part of daily life
  • Encourage activities to rescue and protect animals and preserve habitats
  • Practice animal welfare
  • Signed an MOU with the National Marine Biodiversity Institute of Korea (2016)
  • Signed an MOU with the Jeollanam-do Institute of Ocean & Fisheries Technology (2015)
  • Signed an MOU with the Yeosu Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (2015)
  • Registered as an ex situ conservation institution and marine animal rescue and treatment institution by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (2013)
  • Signed an MOU with the Marine Disease Management Center at Chonnam National University (2013)
  • Signed a joint research agreement for white whales with the Whale R&D Center at the National Institute of Fisheries Science (2012)

Voluntary environmental management activities

Aquarist Talent Donation Lecture

Contribute to the local community by sharing the value of conserving the marine environment with elementary, middle, and high school students

  • 아쿠아 플라넷 여수 해양동물 전문구조/치료기관 및 서식지외보전기관
  • 스쿠버다이빙 장비갖추고 해양 정화 활동 하는 사진
  • 해양 쓰래기 수거하는 사진

Cleaning activity near the Yeosu coast

The goal of this program is to provide an optimal living environment for marine animals and to promote awareness of environmental protection as an Ex-Situ Conservation Institution.

  • 아름다운 여수 연합 수 중/육상 정화 작업
  • 바다에서 쓰래기 건지는 작업 사진
  • 바다에서 건진 쓰래기 운반 작업 사진

Marine animal rescue and treatment activities

Includes serving as a marine animal rescue and treatment institution and engaging in activities such as rescuing, treating, and discharging rescued or injured marine animals in cooperation with local institutions, NGO companies, and residents

  • 거북이 주사하는 사진
  • 거북이 방류하는 사진
  • 거북이 방류하는 사진