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Hours & Fees

Open Hours

09:30 - 19:00

※ Ticket sales close at 18:00


Please note that admittance is until one hour before closing time. A tour of Aqua Planet Yeosu takes approximately two hours.


Group ,Individual ,Group
Group Individual Group
Admission Ticket Admission Ticket + 5D
Adult KRW 32,000 KRW 36,500

Please contact us

separately on group fees,

as they may vary by group.


Elders 14 – 19 years old /

65 years or older

KRW 29,000 KRW 33,500


38 months – 13 years old

KRW0 27,000 KRW 31,500


· Admission is free for dhildren aged younger than 36 months. Documents to verify age, such as medical insurance card, are required.

· If you cannot find the proof, you will not be able to enter free of charge.

· Student card is required for teenagers(limited to individual admission).

· Senior discount card or identification card is required for deniors(65 years of age or older and limited to individual admission).

· Certificate of registration for the disabled or welfare card for the disabled is required for a discount to the disabled(gronp admission fee applied and limited to individual admission)


· Group admission is applied to groups of 15 people or more. Contact Kwon oh-young(+82-10-3480-9140) of the sales team for inquiries.

· Please note that free admission of children aged younger than 36 months is not applied to groups, and a child fee is applied.

Subject ,Fees
Subject New Renewal
Fees KRW 100,000 KRW 79,000


· 현장 방문 구매만 가능합니다.

· 구매 장소 : 아쿠아플라넷 여수 1층 매표소